Don’t Kill Bats

Kill Bats?  Perhaps you are wondering if there is a quick and dirty way to perform your own bat removal.  You are probably thinking there has to be a way I can do this myself!  But remember bats are a vital part of our eco-system, eating many insects (including mosquitoes) as part of their nightly diet.  A favorite culinary delight of the Mexican Free-tailed  is the corn earworm moth.  The Pallid loves scarab beetles.  He also is known to eat grasshoppers, moths and termites, among other things.

So please don’t kill bats.  We can help you.  Really.  At times you may be able to do your own bat removal, but if you notice that you have a colony of bats, call Western Bat Specialists.  We love bats, we don’t kill bats and perform exclusions that are safe and humane with the welfare of our winged creatures being our primary concern.

We Love Bats