Bat Houses

Are you interested in a bat house?

bat house

Bat House (OBC- Approved Vendor) and installed by our Bat Team

Our company provides certified bat houses and we can install them on your property.

Bat Houses need to be installed properly in order to be a successful roost for bats. Many bats are protected and are essential to the environment. Bats, although they can make a big mess in your home or business, are extremely valuable.

This is why we recommend a bat house as a great option to provide a suitable roost for them to live.  Bats are a vital part of our eco-system, eating many insects (including mosquitoes) as part of their nightly diet.

Our company prefers to order a bat house from an approved vendor. Why?

Because many times bat houses are not constructed properly. That is why we only use approved bat houses. They come in all different sizes and we can install them in many locations.

Let our office know you are interested in a bat house. We will make sure our team is equipped and ready to install one for you at the time of your appointment!

However, if you prefer a bat house you have purchased, we can install your bat house and give you suggestions on the best location and placement.

Here are some reasons why bats will not use a bat house:

  • How the bat house was constructed – cedar is best. Do not use pressure treated wood.
  • Direct Light – Bat houses should not be near bright lights.
  • Not protected from predators – installed in a bad location where predators can get them.
  • Uninvited Guests – Such as bees or wasps (never spray your box with pesticides – they will not use them)
  • Mounting Not being installed properly – bat houses need to be installed in the proper direction giving their homes enough sunlight to keep their roosts warm. Houses that are mounted on trees or metal siding are rarely used. They must be mounted at least 12’ feet above ground, 15-20 feet is better.
  • Habitat – preferably near water, within ¼ mile.
  • Poles – Must be pressure treated.
  • Hanging – No grip for bats when they land.

 Contact us at 888-550-2287 (BATS)

for pricing and more information on bat houses.

Please note: Bats will not occupy all houses. If they are not constructed properly they will not be used. Although we do our utmost to place bat houses in the best location. We cannot guarantee bats will occupy any bat house, it can take months or years for them to be used. However, bat houses are a great option in helping bats relocate. This has been of great success in many locations. Bats are wild animals and we cannot control where they end up.

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