We Guarantee Our Bat Proofing!

Bat Proofing a Warehouse

Bat Proofing a Warehouse

We guarantee our bat exclusions and the bat proofing of your home or structure. It is always good to make sure that whoever solves your bat problem will be willing to stand behind their work. Bats are extremely tenacious and will try over and over to find a way back into the structure that was once a wonderful (or so they thought!) home. We make every effort to be sure that they have been humanely removed – and cannot get back in. For that reason, we offer a 1 YEAR GUARANTEE* with our work.


Because bats are wild and seasonal creatures, they busy themselves all year long with their different activities and agendas (much like us!). They will mate, they will enjoy and get very active in spring, they will give birth, some will go into hibernation, some will migrate (depending on species), and in general, go about their batty activities. Only about 3% of the world’s bats migrate; the rest like to stick around, and if it is cold, go into that semi-hibernative state until the temperature is more to their liking. And much like us, they often prefer to stay in on a rainy, cold day!

We, at Western Bat Specialists want bats to go about all their seasonal activities and if they have not found a way into your home, warehouse, school, business or structure, we can safely assume that your building has been successfully and fully bat-proofed.

If the bats have found a spot to return within one year (remember, they only need a space as small as your little finger!) then we want to honor our guarantee* and get back out to your location to determine the cause.

Know that our work is done in such a manner as to last many, many years. We have hundreds of satisfied customers that remain bat-proofed after much time has gone by. After bat-proofing has been done, always be alert and watch for bat activity around your home or building. Bat activity is a good thing, but watch for any suspect comings and goings and always feel free to call our office and ask questions. Also, make sure any roofing, siding, painting, caulking or repairs to your home are done in such a way as to retain the integrity of our work and your home keeping it tight and sealed and bat proofed!

Of course, a guarantee that we have solved your bat problems would mean nothing without our experience. WBS employees have years of experience dealing with bats and knowledge of how bats operate in structures.

We Can Solve Your Bat Problems WE GUARANTEE IT!

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bat silhouette*Although all work and materials will be guaranteed for the time indicated, if it becomes necessary for any return trips to the site once work is complete, the original service fee will be charged to cover travel expenses. Warranty does not cover any damage to our work due to weather, animals or individuals. Warranty for above work does not prevent bats from occasionally hanging on the exterior of structure or from an occasional bat entering structure via an open door or window. Western Bat Specialists is in no way responsible or liable for any inconvenience or damage to personal property or injury to anyone by bats.

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