Bat Bugs

Information on Bat Bugs

What are Bat Bugs?

The bat bug is very closely related to the bed bug. The two species look so much alike that microscopic examination from an entomologist is the only way to confidently tell them apart!

Bat BugWhere Can Bat Bugs Be Found?

Bat bugs reside where bats live. They do not live on the bats, but rather they feed on sleeping bats. Once they have fed, they return to their homes in cracks and crevices of a structure. Bat bugs are known to ride on bats from place to place. These tenacious insects can be found in the carpets, behind wallpaper or possibly in the bedding of homes where bats are present.


Bed BugDo Bat Bugs Feed On Humans?

Unlike bed bugs, who prefer to feed on humans, bat bugs favor bat blood. However, once the bats have been removed from a home, the remaining bat bugs will search for a new food source, which could likely include pets or humans. Bat bugs can survive without a meal for over a year!



What Should I Do to Remove Bat Bugs?

  1. Safe Bat Removal
    All bats must be safely removed from your home or structure. This process can take some time so it is imperative that your Bat Problem is handled correctly as soon as it is noticed.
    *Please note: bat exclusions (removal) are not performed during hibernation and maternity seasons.
  2. Remediation (Clean-Up)
    Remediation is a very important part of the process. The bats may be gone, but their guano (feces) will remain until removed.  Not only can exposure to guano cause histoplasmosis (lung disease), but bat bugs can also hide in the remaining piles.  This makes pesticide treatment very difficult. Western BatSpecialists can provide you with a thorough Remediation.
  3. Insecticide Treatment and Sanitization
    After a safe Exclusion and thorough Remediation, an insecticide treatment may be required.
    Western Bat Specialists are happy to help you with Step 1 and 2. However, we are not a pest control company and we recommend contacting a professional and licensed pest control company to make recommendations of any infestation of bugs and or for any for insecticide treatments. After your home has been treated for bat bugs, it is very important that you sanitize everything in your home. This would include: vacuuming, laundering clothes and bedding, and cleaning/sanitizing all surfaces.

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