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We were very pleased with the team from Western Bat Specialists who remediated our attic. They were very hard working, professional, and alerted us to each progressive step. Their attitude and customer service were great. The main office personnel were informative and guided us on each step of the process. We highly recommend this firm for addressing any bat issues.

Thank You!

Linda Grebmeier

Fortbragg, CA

anglela-b review
anglela-b review

I wanted to say thank you so much for your help and the professional performance of your total team associated with the bat exclusion and remediation.

I especially want to compliment Marcos and Josh who performed the remediation. They both were professional and extremely pleasant to work with.

They worked extremely hard in unbearable heat up in the attic and always were very professional and ready to answer all questions that I had.

Marcos was patient with me and was happy to explain what they had done and more about what to watch for in the future. I reviewed the work after the remediation and after the completion of the re-insulation.

I was very happy with the work they completed. They worked very diligently, taking ownership of the project and pushed through long hot days to complete the work on time.

I highly recommend your company based not only on my experience with your team at the office but also and mostly in regards to Marcos and Josh’s work on site.

Please share this email with the owners as I want them to know what great people they have working for them.

Thank you again,

R. Boulter

Chester CA

Ann B
We want to take the opportunity to share how pleased we were with Western Bat Specialists; dealing with them was an excellent experience – start to finish. We had been dealing with bat issues for eight plus years and paid a significant amount money to other bat extraction companies with little to no success. We were desperate to get rid of the bats because of the damage we knew they were doing to our home, the odor, guano dropping from the ceiling into our home, and the stress of trying to get them out of the house when they entered. It was frustrating! We finally reached out to Western Bat Specialists who specialize in bat extraction and remediation. Western Bat Specialists services were invaluable in the following areas: 1. Inspection – Chad came out to our home and did a thorough inspection walking the parameter and inspecting the roof. He showed us photos of where the bats were getting in and explained the damages and dangers that bats can inflict. He also took the time to explain what happens when a colony grows in size and the kinds of real problems that can occur when guano builds up in your home. He offered to provide us with a proposal to remove the bats and their mess (exclusion, remediation, and bat proofing again after a new roof goes on). He explained that roofing costs would not be included in their proposal but his company would work with us and our roofer to ensure project coordination. 2. Proposal – Rebekah provided a well-documented bat exclusion and remediation proposal for us to review and submit to our insurance company. We were not sure if our homeowners insurance would pay for some or all of the necessary work. The 19-page document she provided included photos of our roof showing where the bat colony was entering the voids at the perimeter, peaks, dormer pockets, and ridge vents. It also included examples of before and after cleanup of insulated cavities and accessible attic spaces and a clear breakdown of the work to be performed. This was a very thorough document! 3. Insurance Coordination – Rebekah was instrumental in educating our insurance agent who had not dealt with a bat claim before although the company had approved and paid for this kind of work with other clients. She submitted the necessary paperwork to our insurance agent on our behalf and was available to answer questions and provide additional information as needed. As a result of her due diligence and follow through, our claim was approved for full payment (bat exclusion, remediation, and new roof). We are so very thankful for all the extra effort and time she devoted to this. 4. Project coordination– As promised, Rebekah recommended a roofer that Western Bat Specialists has worked with in the past and also helped us get competitive bids from other roofers. The project planners were wonderful too. They kept us in the loop as they planned and coordinated the bat remediation and new roof installation. 5. Quality of work performed. The entire crew were punctual, friendly, and conscientious with good work habits and strong safety orientation. The pride in their work was very evident. Chad remained closely involved from start to finish. He went back up on the roof to take photos of the bat damage once the old roof and insulation were off/out; he reviewed the damage with us and even sent the photos to my cell phone so we could close the loop with our insurance agent. In closing, we want to give a big shout out to Western Bat Specialists. Everyone did an amazing job and we are so very thankful. The bats are gone and we are no longer bothered by occasional squeaking or the rustling of bat wings in our attic/ceiling. We no longer have to worry about bats dying somewhere in our attic/ceiling (not a pleasant smell), bat guano falling on us while we sleep or prepare meals, odor permeating throughout our home, or damage we knew the bats were doing to our home. They all did everything they said they would do and more. – Ann B.


Lake Almanor CA

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“The Western Bat Specialists came to our home in June 2018 to complete a home inspection for bats after an encounter with a bat in our backyard in Yuba City. The bat was taken for testing and I received a phone call that it was rabid. For the next several weeks, our dogs are quarantined and our young son has completed his rabies shots. During this stressful time, the Western Bat Specialists put our family at ease with their kindness and expertise! When they came our to our home in June, I felt 100% better about potential bats in our backyard when they left. I would highly recommend this knowledgeable team to help and inspect your home or business in any way possible! Thank you very much!”

Yuba City, Ca 95993

“It has been about two years since our company was introduced to Western Bat Specialists and even though I haven’t needed to see the fantastic staff in over a year, our company is overly satisfied with the work that this company did. We have 3 commercial buildings on-site and all three had bats and guano too. We even had a unit that smelled of guano so bad we couldn’t lease it.

Our tenants were frequently having bats in their units and it was almost a daily occurrence that I would have to find a way to band-aid the issue. Our company had used a company previously to perform “bat exclusion” and it didn’t last months let alone the almost 2 years Western Bats did. We chose Western Bat for multiple services including bat exclusion, roof repair and bat proofing doors, ozone cleaning, bat removal and bat nets for the roof. All of the staff have been extremely helpful, responsive and have gone above and beyond to do what was necessary to eliminate the bat issue our property was experiencing.
I was just talking with co-workers today about how nice it has been to have the bat issue eliminated. I would recommend Western Bat to anyone who is facing even a little bit of bat invasion. They care and have options that are safe for the nasty bats as well as effective in keeping them out of your space.”
Monica G

Woodland, CA

March 14th, 2018

“Western Bat Specialists were excellent to work with; responsive, fair, thorough, and professional.”
Michelle Scully

Lakeport, CA

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John G.

Sacramento, CA

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“Fantastic service all around…from the detailed information I was given over the phone to the specialists who performed the exclusion service. Everyone was extremely professional, kind, courteous, reliable and full of accurate knowledge which is necessary when dealing with a bat problem. Every step of the process was clearly explained to me and so were all of my options. The exclusion materials used are barely visible and most importantly we are no longer hearing bats within our walls.”
J. Caputo

San Rafael

May 9, 2017

Western Bat Specialist did an amazing job! They worked so hard to find every nook and cranny where a bat might get in. And put one-way doors on all of their entrances. If you have bats they are the ones to get the job done right!
Damian Camarena

April 16, 2017


The Sorenson Pest Control fellow noticed signs of bat activity at my house when he did his treatment this week. He referred
me to Western Bat Specialist who provide safe and humane bat removal and prevention of opportunity for bat return. Today the worked their magic and provided protection to prevent return of the bats. Should you need their services, the following is their contact information.
–Judith Saunders

Amazingly fabulous company!!!
the house was purchased in May, 2016, I was handed an envelope w/ a quote from Western Bat Specialists.


The house had possibly hundreds of bats living under the roof, directly above the cedar cathedral ceiling. evidence in every room was quite obvious.

The house is in Sonoma county, seemed strange to have a company from Yuba county (several hours away) working on the bat situation. no local companies seemed very interested, the call to Western Bat Specialists was amazing. so much information about bats, guarantees, timelines. they travel most of state of California to the Oregon border, into Nevada, a project in Sonoma county was an easy destination for Western Bat Specialists’ crew.

Bats had been living above the ceiling for many years, serious clean-up was the best solution.
Western Bat Specialists did a fabulous job coordinating everything, from the office to the crews.
the bats were safely excluded, the roof & insulation removed, all roof components cleaned & sanitized, new insulation & roof (in November!!!), thorough cleaning/sanitizing of entire cedar ceiling & beams, replacement of bat-damaged ceiling areas.

Really just an amazing amount of fabulous work by an amazing company. Thank you!!!
–Kelly Sonoma County, CA- January 9, 2017

Hathaway Letter
–Bob & Ginny Hathaway, CA- September 2016

“Western Bat Specialists dba C. Wright & Wright is one of the best contracting companies we have ever hired. From the outset Chad and Rebekah Wright and their e…ntire staff were extremely professional, courteous, and committed to serving our needs and getting the job done right. They determined the problem, initiated immediate stopgap measures, and prepared a complete and thorough report. In addition to remediating the bats, the roof had to be replaced. WBS submitted their report as our insurance claim directly to our insurance company.
Our home needed some fascia repair, gutter replacement and we wanted to install a couple of fans in the cathedral ceiling. The company has a Construction Division that was capable of handling all the work.
We were in constant communication throughout the entire project and they worked with us to see that everything met our expectations. We highly recommend Western Bat Specialists and now consider them family.
–Joseph & Beverly Damas – September 2016

Rebekah, It has been a pleasure working with you. I understand there are a lot of moving parts to your business and you (and team) have done a great job navigating the entire process for me. It is clear that you pride yourselves on going “above and beyond” to provide great service and I am truly impressed. Please extend my thanks and appreciation to your entire team.
–Jeremy, Marysville, CA- August 2016

Hi there ladies, I just wanted to connect and tell you once again how grateful I am that you all took care of our home so efficiently.All is well! My husband cleaned up the guano and washed windows so we could have a better idea as to whether our bats were hanging around (pun intended! Lol)..we had one little streak of urine on one window and there are a few stray pieces of guano here and there on our roof…but nothing too bad and I’m certainly not worrying about it! Feels so good to know my home is secure and that the bats have hopefully found another comfortable place to live.
–Shelly, Chico, CA- April, 2016

They did a full inspection. Found all areas of the problem and did a quick and professional job
–Tom T. Vacaville, CA- April, 2016

Had a follow up visit from two of your technicians today. First, I would like to say how pleasant your Customer Service representatives were in handling my initial phone call. You had the Tech’s out here within two weeks just to verify that the work you performed one and a half years ago was still up to par. Your technicians walked the facility with me pointing out work performed and that it is functioning very well. All in all, I am very happy with your service and would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone, anytime. Thank you very much.
–Nick M. Warehouse in Windsor CA- March, 2016

I was at the house last week and observed Chad’s handiwork which looked very comprehensive and professional. I certainly appreciate Chad’s offer to waive charges and I look forward to working with you in the future and recommending your services to colleagues.
–John Jenner, CA- October 21, 2015

Bat Removal from Victorian HouseThank You! Your ‘Exclusion Solution’ appears to have worked – bats all gone! I am impressed. Very professional and quick to get the job done right. Thank You Thank You!
–Terry “Skip” Laird, Lincoln, CA – April 2015

Chad and the people at Western Bat Specialist care about the customer as a person and not just a dollar to be made. They are very knowledgeable and take the time necessary to explain the bat situation and everything involved. They worked with me on a no interest payment plan and were very understanding of my situation. What I thought was a small amount if bats turned out to be much more, but after Western Bat Specialists were finished I now only have a few very determined bats trying to find a way back into their old home but to no avail. I would recommend this company whole heartedly to anyone with a bat problem, small or large.
–Dawn B., Yuba City, CA – January 15, 2015

To the whole crew at Western Bat Specialists, I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you how pleased I am with your work. The crew did such a great job dealing with our large home and extremely difficult roof line.  I can’t thank you enough for their hard work.  It is so rare these days to find a company that does exactly what they promise. Congratulations on being one of the good ones. Thank you so much.
–Joanie Ellingson, Quincy, California –  October 27, 2014

Thank you so much! I have not seen a bat since the day after you were here. You cannot know how happy that makes me! I feel like I can be outside again after dusk! And it was all accomplished so fast. I wish I had called you years ago!
–Melianie H., Mt. Aukum, CA  – 2014

After speaking with you on the phone, I was certain that your company is the one to bat-proof our house and humanely ask our bats to move out.  I had read extensively on line and had called and emailed many places.  What you suggested doing was right on target as was the information about the bats.�� I have not become an expert on the subject, but you have convinced me that you are experts and that you can successfully do the job that we require.  I need to talk with my husband about doing this tonight and will get back to you as soon as I can.  Just that telephone call has calmed my fears and helped me know that a solution will be found soon.
— Anne B

I live in a “bat haven” on a lake with a plentiful gnat source. I have had bats in my roof tiles for twenty years. In fact the bats were here before we built this home. I have had two different people work on eradication to no avail. Fortunately I heard about Western Bat Specialists from a friend who was a customer. When I heard her say, “I have no more bats” I made the call to Western Bat Specialists.

Ken was prompt in assessing the damage and infestation. It was money well spent and all three buildings on this property have been bat proofed. The work was professionally completed in one day.

I highly recommend this company. They have accomplished what I thought was impossible and I thank them.
–Marva Brandt

We’re a business. We have a large warehouse. They called within 10 minutes after I put my info out there. I sent pictures, they called with a range price. We had the work done. They were here when they said they’d be and it worked well.
–Janice O.

I just wanted to tell you what a great job your firm did!!! My tenants were very pleased and said it smells 150% better. It looks good and they feel a lot better. Thank you so much!
–Deanne J.

Western Bat Specialists was contacted for consultation, exclusion and guano removal of a historical compliance structure.  All phases of the work met National Park Service and National Historic compliance regulations.  We found Western Bat Specialists to be competent and thorough.  We would use them again based upon their work.
–Mark, Resource Manager

Thanks again for a job extremely well done.  We are bat free for the first time in 20 years!

Western Bat Specialists’ services of safely ridding the bats from City Hall and the Police Department of Galt were immeasurable.  Not only did he get the bats out, but the smell as well.
–Boyce Jeffries, City of Galt, Parks and Rec

I recognize the pride you have in your work and it is so refreshing!  It is great to work with conscientious and ethical people, something that can be hard to find in today’s world.

The company I use, is Western Bat Specialists and they are terrific! They checked everything out thoroughly and then proceeded to bat proof our home so the bats could not return. Please know we would not be endorsing this company if they had not take good care of us!
–Marsha, Realtor

We have use and we would recommend Western Bat Specialists for the safe removal of bats since 1993. We have found Western Bat Specialists to be experts in the field.  They look out not only for the environment of the bats, but also for the health of us humans. We express our gratitude for a job well done.
–Paramount Pest Control of Central Valley

I was blown away at the results of your work (done by Western Bat Specialists).The before and after is just amazing.
Thanks Again!
–Bill Morrow,  YB Project of NID

While having bats living in our home may not have been the most pleasant experience, working with your company has been exactly the opposite.  Thanks for making this job painless and really fun. I have so enjoyed our conversations and working with such organized, knowledgeable and really nice people! While I don’t really want bats in our home again, I do hope our paths will continue to cross.
–Susan Bianchi – January 2010

After you left, for three nights I have been watching the bats try to get back in.  They keep looking for an entry but get frustrated and leave.  You did a great job!

I’ve been meaning to send you a card for a long time, but I’m just getting around to it.  I’m so thankful to all of you for getting rid of the bats at my home. I used to hear different noises in all the rooms but didn’t know what was causing them.  Since you came, I haven’t heard those noises and I am very grateful to all o f you!
Sincerely,–Rebecca M. Swearinger

I highly recommend that if you get any bat problems you use this company!  They are personable and allowed us to pay without interest over a few months. It was worth the money to be rid of the fear on my grand daughter’s face of being awaken in the middle of the night by a bat flying over her.  Please know we would not be endorsing this company if they had not taken good care of us!
–Jerry & Marsha Silva – March 2010

Western Bat Specialists blocked the access points for the bats, excluding them from our house without harming them. Just in case a few bats lingered in the siding he put in some one-way portals that would allow the bats to escape but not re-enter our siding.  When the crew was done they cleaned up their work area and left the property just as they found it. Western Bat Specialists are obviously caring experts and professional to the nth degree.  Thank you for your humane solution to our problem.
–Bill & Phylis, Penn Valley, CA

We were embarrassed with all the bat droppings falling from the ceiling, and the bats constantly flying around in the store setting off alarms all the time. We had lived with this problem for years; but within a few days of contacting Western Bat Specialist the problem was solved!
–Juan, Furniture Store Manager

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