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If you have bats then you need Western Bat Specialists.  We exclude bats from your home or business safely and humanely.  We highly discourage the killing of bats!
Bats should be excluded from a building by our specialists.  We are trained experts in the safe exclusion of bats.   Finding someone with the right experience is not only difficult and time consuming but can be costly.

All bat exclusion methods are not all alike! Be sure to use someone that:

  • Has Much Experience Excluding Many Different Species of Bats That Get Into Buildings.

For many years we, have safely excluded thousands of homes and buildings throughout the United States. We have a 100% rate in safely excluding bats from buildings. In addition, we continue to work with researchers and educators on bats throughout the country. We contributed information to National Geographic and numerous TV specials on bats.

  •  Bat Removal Company With A Great Reputation!

After helping thousands of homeowners, businesses and government agencies we do not have a single complaint on file with any local government or consumer agency. We have been able to complete complex projects, which other companies have passed by or wildly overbid. We guarantee to solve your bat problems. If for any reason the bats find their way back into your structure, then we will return. I have a guarantee and proven bat exclusion procedures in safely solving bat nuisance complaints. I strive to be honest and very reasonable in helping those with bats in their home, or business.  Please read testimonials from our previous clients.

  • Is A Bat Exclusion Specialist That Isn’t Over Priced

Our work meets the highest professional standards, and we remain the price benchmark in the industry.

Call  Western Bat Specialists: 1-888-550-BATS (2287)

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