Bats in Bracken Cave

In Bracken Cave, a population of approximately 20 million Mexican Free-tailed Bats call it home sweet home.  (Mexican Free-tailed’s form the largest colonies of any bat species.) Every single night the bats of Bracken Cave consume tons of insects.  Many of these bugs are harmful to our crops.  Think of how much less pesticides can be used because of their help.  Bats have been “green” for eons, long before it became “in vogue” to do so.  They are actually one of the most environmental friendly creatures around.  Bats ingest harmful pests, and deposit them in the end (literally) as guano (bat feces), one of the best and most valued fertilizers on earth.  The bats of Bracken Cave are some of the most fortunate of bats, the cave is owned by Bat Conservation International (BCI) who restricts access and makes sure the cave and the land around it is protected.  Western Bat Specialists is a member of Bat Conservation International.

Although the Southwest States are favorite habitats of the Mexican Free-tailed Bat, we have them in the Northwest as well.  Thankfully we see them often in our exclusion work in Northern California.

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