Hoary Facts

hoary bat
Mr. Hoary the bat 🦇. One of our favorite bats! 
Did you know? 
The hoary bat is typically a solitary bat. 
These little guys are not very social. Rather preferring to hang out alone all tucked away in tree foliage. 
Bat con states “What is neat about the hoary bat is that they will hang out in the leaves of trees and use their furry tail membrane to wrap themselves up like their own little personal sleeping bag. They typically hang from one foot and look like a dry leaf in a tree.” – bat con. 
When The Hoary bat mates…This typically takes place in autumn 🍂 or at times in the winter. Fertilization takes place a long time after copulation, around spring. Young are born between mid-May and early July after a gestation period believed to be around 40 days. They will have on average 1 to 2 pups. Twins are a possibility! 
Their pups are typically weaned after 34 days of being born. Bats give birth while hanging upside down! It’s pretty amazing! •
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Bats In The Attic!

You may be tempted to wait for winter in the hopes that the little bats in attic that you have seen flying around, will migrate to a warmer climate.  In reality, only about 3% of bats migrate.  Many, such as the “Little Browns” and “Big Browns”  stay in a semi-hibernative state where they are currently roosting.  They get very quiet and inactive during the in-climate weather, and all you may hear from them is a little shuffling from time to time as they make themselves comfortable.  Many people think that the bats have left and moved to a new home, but come early spring, they notice once again – bats in attic.  We can safely remove bats in attic and prevent them from coming back!

Bats in the Attic

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